Sunday, June 25, 2006

The cynical side of me is less than surprised that some team, somewhere, decided to do this, although it doesn't stop the fact that, now that it's reality, it makes me even more cynical and frustrated. Apparently, for the Colorado Rockies to want you to play baseball for them, you have to be a christian.

is it employment discrimination? i would think so...whether you're making five fifteen an hour or millions upon millions a season, to be ineligible because of your faith for a job that you could otherwise do is discriminatory. is it counterproductive? i think would be like tom monaghan deciding that only christians could deliver pizza for domino's, shutting out otherwise qualified people who would be willing to do the job, because of a fundamentally private issue.

i didn't really have an opinion on the rockies before...they were that baseball team in colorado. now, though, i don't like them. i'm annoyed with them. there's no place for religious tests on the job, unless the job is some sort of religious staff in a specific faith's house of worship, for obvious reasons. to whom the players pray on their own time, or if they pray at all, is no one's issue but the players themselves. the job of a baseball owner is to run a baseball team, not a church.

and, on a lighter note...their proclamations of "hallelujah! we're .500!" do ring a little hollow.

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