Saturday, May 06, 2006

this is a public service announcement from the persecuted crack smoker.

do not, under any circumstances, ever turn on the tv guide channel at 5 in the morning. it is an extremely bad idea. use the paper tv guide. go onto to check the listings. flip channels. do anything but check the tv guide channel.


i made that mistake at 5am today, and it was one i will never make again. they had a paid programme showing in the top half of the screen. that's not shocking. but, the particular paid programme they were showing was just plain nasty. they were showing all these pictures of blocked, diseased, and cancerous colons, and saying that the only way to avoid having your colon look like that was to buy their colon cleaning products. after one or two pictures like that, i realised it was not going to stop, and i just reverted to flipping channels.

it was definitely the nastiest thing i'd see on television in a very long time--and especially nothing my tired brain wanted to deal with at 5am. just...yuck.

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