Wednesday, May 17, 2006

reflections on the first few minutes of the kick-'em-off show...since i missed the show last night, and all.

ryan seacrest is a tool. he needs to shave...and i wanted to kick him when he referred to the idea of a taylor/elliot final as "ruben-clay style." that's...way too cheesy, and way too meta for american idol.

taylor makes really, really funny facial expressions when he's singing...especially when he's trying to stand still.

elliot should stop singing about how we know his name. yes, we all get it. your name is elliot yamin. you should go home.

katharine is a really good singer when she picks the right's not that she's cringeworthy otherwise, but just noticeably not as good.

if elliot gets kicked off...i'll probably not be back with much to say other than hooray. if katharine gets kicked off, i'll be stunned. if taylor gets kicked off, i'll not only be stunned, i'll be really, really pissed.

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