Tuesday, May 16, 2006

i'm sure this guy meant well, asking permission from the principal and all, but the fact remains that he's a complete and utter moron.

teachers are not supposed to boink their students. if, somehow, the teacher gets away with boinking the student, the teacher should not draw attention to himself by asking the student to prom--or telling the principal that he is doing so.

congratulations, sean eckman. your ugly mug now goes in the Moron Hall of Fame. you should be proud.

in other news...why is the northwestern soccer team such big news? they call it hazing. i get really annoyed when people flip out about hazing. hazing happens everywhere. hazing is a rite of passage in many organizations. by cracking down on it, hazing is not going to be stopped, it's just going to be pushed further underground. the way i see it...no harm, no foul.

sure, some forms of hazing go over the edge, and should be punished on other grounds: stuff like savage beatings, screwing goats, that kind of thing. but...oh no these girls got drunk and ran around in their underwear?!?!? there may have been...gasp...blindfolds, rope, and sexually suggestive skits involved! that's not over the edge, that's nowhere near the edge. it's hazing. if those kinds of things happened at any other kind of gathering, as long as it wasn't an athletic organization or a greek organization, no one would give a second thought--even if the pictures were unwisely posted on the internet, as these were.

give these girls a break. they're college kids being college kids. this stuff's always going to happen, and occasionally other people will find out about it. they shouldn't be punished, or suspended from athletic activities, or any of the above.

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