Saturday, May 13, 2006

i want to write about what i've been looking at this afternoon, but the words aren't coming. i've been looking at pictures of desolation...abandoned amusement parks in particular, and abandoned places in general. i still can't pinpoint why i just keep looking and looking and looking...they're places i've never been, they're places i'll probably never go, but they're probably all places that, if i went there, i could successfully drop off the face of the earth. that's somewhat scary, somewhat comforting, and just what i need right now.

i found this series of photos especially riveting...probably because it's so extensive. the concept of an abandoned amusement park just makes me sad. they're places where people are supposed to go to be happy--and it confuses me why people would stop going to them, why they would have to fall into disrepair. i could draw so many bad comparisons to the loss of childhood or innocence or anything like that, but i know it's probably something more mundane, like poor management or economic recession. either way...after looking at all of these pictures, i just want to hop the next bus to arkansas, find this land, and mourn this amusement park that i never knew existed until today.

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