Monday, May 01, 2006


i ended up, after poking around, on wikipedia, and on the nu-metal entry on wikipedia.

on that entry, there's a list of nu-metal bands, several of whom don't have any articles written about them.

i'm a nineties music whore. all those bands that everyone called "faceless"...i love way too many of them. nineties one-album (or, one-popular-album wonders) many of them were just underrated.

if i didn't have a final tomorrow, i'd stay up all night writing articles for the blank theory (how do they not yet have an article!!!), lifer, 3rd strike, grade 8...there's a mean voice in my head telling me to write the article about reach 454 as well, and write about how much they suck (i saw them open for cold and finger eleven and they were horrid!), but i'll be a sweetie.

all i know is that it got me to finally sign up for wikipedia. i think i have a project for the summer--enhance wikipedia's holdings with respect to nineties music articles!!!

i'm so uncool that i'm cool again.

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