Friday, May 05, 2006

guess who's now officially a 2L?!?!?!?

that's right, MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

well, i've officially been a 2L since yesterday afternoon at 4:30, but i spent last night drinking and not blogging...sue me for being a couple hours late, right?

the conlaw final...we won't talk about. it kinda sucked. or, really sucked. except for the german constitution question...that one was pretty sweet. at least we got to skip one of the short answers, because i couldn't remember for the life of me what scalia said in his dissent in morrison v. olson. it's too bad, because the question was to discuss why it was formalistic...and i'm pretty good at bashing on those formalist idiots. (and i would have loved the chance to bash on scalia for credit. squee.)

i need to go and pay my rent today...other than that, though, i'm going to be nice and lazy. the school year's over...i earned it, right?

let me reiterate: i'm a 2L now!!!!!

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