Thursday, May 11, 2006

the good news: chris finally got the boot from american idol last night! it's about time! ever since nickelback junior made a mockery of "i walk the line" (which was at least a month ago!), i've had it out for him. goodbye, and good riddance, blasphemer.

the bad news: elliot was in the top two. what?!?!?! i've been pulling for him to get booted even more than i've been pulling for chris to get booted. why? because even though chris turns everything into boring, bad alt-rock, elliot can't sing. he makes my ears bleed. i think the only reason he's still on there--much less in the top two this week--is the fact that he is probably getting the Swooning Teenybopper Female vote.

(note...i just read on wikipedia that the arrangement of "i walk the line" that chris used that week was the same arrangement that live used when they covered the song back in 2001. i've lost lots of respect for them because of that version of the cover. sigh. i mean--when i saw them my senior year of high school, back in '99, they covered "imagine" by john lennon--and it was good! i thought that was evidence that they had sense to cover songs that they could do well. apparently not. then again, live's last truly good album was secret samadhi, and their last one that didn't make my ears bleed was the distance to here. so, this cover was definitely done in their more recent, awful, jumped-the-shark time. in other words...i want to throw rotten tomatoes at live for coming up with that horrible arrangement, and throw rotten tomatoes at chris for perpetuating it.)

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