Friday, March 31, 2006

professor paulson just walked into class wearing a zombie mask.

he wins.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


i have a job for the summer!!!!! i am going to be working with the civil justic clinic at Wash U!!! :D

*does a little dance*
*makes a little love*
*gets down tonight*
*gets down tonight*
i am bathing in the silly this morning.


i have a demented mash-up of "come on jenny" by 19 wheels and "torn apart" by stabbing westward ringing in my head. the songs have nothing to do with each other, but somehow the mash-up makes musical sense. silly brain.


i'm not really a part of any sort of fandom (except to the extent that college mock trial or perjuries has or is a fandom...and i can see the comparison)...but this entry from metaquotes made me laugh. a lot. it's "50 Rules for Hogwarts." some of my favourite parts?

"12. House elves are not acceptable replacements for Bludgers."

"17. Seamus Finnegan is not "after me Lucky Charms"."

"27. I am not a tribble Animagus."

and, the shiniest of the shiny:

"33. I will stop asking the Arithmancy teacher what the square root of -1 is."
usually memes don't make me laugh like a complete idiot. this one did.

April Fool
amazinggracesells your car on Ebay.
ataralaspaints your kidneys orange.
cce6TPs your head.
foofy_attorneyhas a hundred large anchovy pizzas and a diet coke delivered to your door.
hilabeanslegally changes your name to MoonBeam Cappa.
jay_rubesbuys you a Russian Bride.
maroon1718smiles. All the time.
mcapplebytrims your hedge into a replica of the Venus de Milo.
naiatlcshaves your Russian Bride.
quotequeen81glues your cat to your bedroom ceiling.
Prank Me
i was reading a page of guilty pleasure movies, a top ten list. number six on his list was "can't hardly wait."

i have to agree. it was a bad movie, definitely an archetypal Late Nineties Teen Movie, but that was the beauty of it. i don't remember a whole heck of a lot about the movie itself (in fact, i don't remember beans about the plot except for the fact that there was an alcohol-soaked high school party scene, just like in every other Late Nineties Teen Movie), but what i do remember is how much i loved the soundtrack.

it was a Late Nineties Teen Movie...complete with a soundtrack chock full of music that i listened to as a Late Nineties Teen. i think i saw that movie on an outing one afternoon from nerd camp, and probably annoyed the heck out of everyone else in the theatre by singing along to the entire movie. third eye blind was in there...blink 182 was in there...that movie introduced me to an amazing little british band known as feeder...smash mouth was in there, one of those Archetypal Late Nineties Bands that i didn't even like, but they were on the radio so much that i knew all the words to all their songs anyway.

everyone says the late nineties were so generic. they're probably right...but i want them back anyway. i'm going to be an old lady, but still the quintessential child of the late nineties. that era's soundtrack backed my coming of age. that was the era when i became who i am, and years later i still find myself unable to leave it.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

PAD elections were today. i was elected vice justice. (running unopposed is pretty shiny.)

i got my closed brief back. yeah. disappointing. my oral argument was much better.

that's kathy griffin on tv, dressed as a TSA agent, making stupid noises when she passes her metal detector over a bottle of sierra mist. she claims to be on the D-List? that's not D-List. that's about...G-List? maybe H-List?

Cash Cab is awesome. it's a game show on the discovery channel. a cab picks people up who hail it. they are then told that it is the cash cab. they'll give them a free ride, and ask questions along the way. if they miss three questions, they are given their money, but ejected from the cab before they get home. no one got ejected today, but i am going to keep watching other episodes, since seeing other people get kicked out of cabs would be really, really funny.

deal or no deal is on at 7. squee.
i need to get my paws on a video camera and do this. i've gotten so hooked on deal or no deal...and being on it would be amazing.

one of my supporters would definitely have to be chris. he'd make sure i didn't get too greedy, by faithfully telling me the Plus-EV thing to do, every single time.

the closed briefs are out; i can pick it up after class.

there's no chance i'll be happy with my score, since the prof has already sent out the mean and the top score, and the top grade in the class is still not quite what i was hoping for on my own paper.

which means i'll be much lower.

aces. :P

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

because i really can't think of anything better to describe the scrambled eggs that reside above my nose and between my ears today.


"my carousel"
by finger eleven

spotlights are roaming
the show will begin
but don't give my circus away
i hope it ends before you know me
i've lost it completely
my faith
is lost again i'd say

i'm tired of this place
and i wanna go
riding my carousel
they can never tell
riding my carousel
they can never tell

i'm spinning and turning
always revolving

you should have seen it
where were you
i needed a stage
to walk all over you
that's better
i'm throwing my three ring away
and i can hear you say

i'm tired of this place
i'm tired of this place and then i think of
riding my carousel
they can never tell
riding my carousel
they can never tell

spinning and turning
always revolving

close all of the doors
lock me away
i'm happy in here
so let me stay

riding my carousel
they can never tell
riding my carousel
they can never tell

spinning and turning
always revolving
lksjgf oadufnoisdufnapoudisf nasd pnrwe0fg9uadifuu[ 09u9s df0[u sa[9un sdfa90nu dsf09vas09cvx90u cxv[nucxv[9nxvc9n0fs09sfad08 xc 9ncvx 0cxzv89xvv90x 9n0xcv[0xvcz8] srt09ar78 gu[we09R 8Nw[0e97US {Wet-0a8r ]5ystgf09b hndf9ug08er9t7uafr'[gr09eutaer8gtuaeroig[a0eugt7aert!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 26, 2006


just, wow. what an amazing game.

this, this is march madness. this is why the NCAA tournament has 65 teams, instead of eight or sixteen or thirty-two teams.

george mason? final four.

believe it.
time for one of those bullet-pointed posts that are less one coherent story than they are a bunch of little observations/vignettes/things.

--i had a really good day at NTN Trivia yesterday. i've been playing that a lot, since they have it at the Sports Zone, the bar that chris and i usually go to to watch basketball. i got on the location top ten, and i got on the national top 20 twice. if ever you are playing NTN Trivia and you see the name of Llama, that is me. (and, yes, my trivia name causes me to start singing the llama song out loud at the sports bar way, way, way too often.)

--the UCLA/Memphis game yesterday was awful. horrible. ugly. every time i looked someone was doing something else that was stupid, clumsy, or just plain bad. both of those teams should have been kicked out of the tournament for playing so badly.

--i have been awake since about 8 this morning. it's sunday. there's no way i should be awake this early on a sunday...although, i guess, it means my sleep schedule is back into whack after staying out so late last night, and sleeping until 1 in the afternoon (and being hung over until nigh on 3 or 4 in the afternoon.)

--as a side note to the NCAA Tournament, i was checking the law school pool that i'm guy in my section had seven of the elite eight correct; the only one he missed was (of course) George Mason. he is tromping everybody in the pool. i thought i was doing pretty well getting at least one of my final four correct (UCLA), but apparently not. that's just sick. he probably has ESP...and if law school doesn't work out for him, he will probably always have a job opening with Dionne Warwick and the Psychic Friends.

--finally...photoshop phriday on Something Awful this week was absolutely hysterical. i don't usually read it, but the boy pointed me in that general direction, and told me that it was about pretentious games. some of them were just the funniest things ever. you should really go read them all, but a couple of the funniest ones include:

Mario Art Critique! (my new computer desktop)

Contra Hegel!

Name Drop!

There is no pipe.

and finally, Mario Deskartes, Rationalism Raceway:

Saturday, March 25, 2006

last night was way, way fun.

i'm hung over like the dickens right now, but last night was lots of fun. i haven't stayed out until the sun came up in way too long.

and i still can't believe i curled up and went to sleep right there, on the booth at IHOP. i wish i hadn't been so tired and inebriated by then...but it was almost 6am.

Friday, March 24, 2006

day two of What I Should Not Have Been Reading In Civ Pro:

this is the latest entry in Taryn's blog. it's all funny, but the last part had me rolling on the floor. i had seen the story about the stupid crackhead a few days ago, but her take on the situation just plain wins.

p.s.: Stop Smoking Crack!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

warning...reading this in class may make you look like a giggling moron...but it's so much fun!

case in point:

George Newman: [as "Uncle Nutsy," to Bob as "Bobbo the Clown"] ... Hey, Bobbo! Wanna play a game? Look up... Look down... Now look at Mr. Frying Pan!
[Hits him in the face]
George Newman: Uh-oh. Bobbo fall down go boom. Aw, what's the matter, Bobbo? I know! You're hungry! Have I got just the thing for you! Yes sir, clowns AND kids just can't resist the mouth-watering, lip-smacking taste of Mrs. Hackenberger's Butter Cookies!
[He proceeds to stuff Bobbo's face with "cookies," which are actually dog biscuits; George has picked up the wrong box!]
George Newman: Right, Bobbo? That's right! And guess what, Mom? THEY'RE NUTRITIOUS, TOO! Just look at how much Bobbo here likes 'em! Mmmm, THAT'S GOOD! And don't forget, there's a nifty surprise inside every box of Mrs. Hackenberger's...
[notices his mistake for the first time]
George Newman: ... Oooops! Heh Heh, it looks like Bobbo's been eating YAPPY'S DOG TREATS!
[a look of horror crosses Bobbo's face, and he runs off to the "little clowns' room."]
George Newman: That's right, Yappy's Dog Treats! Your dog will love that real liver-and-tuna taste...
[We hear Bobbo vomiting]
George Newman: ... With just a hint of cheese!

UHF is an amazing movie. i don't know if i've ever gone off on this particular corner of the internet about how much i love this movie. it's one of the few i can watch over, and over, and over, and over again without falling asleep. (which, for any of you who know me extremely well, is a true feat.) it's one of the most random, blatantly silly movies ever made. it's got spatula city...and wheel of fish...and bowling for burgers...and weird al yankovic in a muscle suit! of course, all the jokes in the movie are completely ridiculous, but that's the entire point of it. i really need to go out and buy the movie; it's a crying shame that i haven't bought it yet.

besides...seeing so many of the punch lines in print, as i did just now reading the list of quotes on IMDB, makes it even more absurd. i can't believe my prof didn't call on me, just because i was there, in the back row, snickering at my computer screen.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

buckman is terrible.
buckman is moronic.
buckman is...buckman.

*laughs hysterically at the moron on the apprentice*
a genius of a cartoon, ganked from

so bloody tempted to see if those phone numbers are real.

Friday, March 17, 2006

after sixteen and a half hours traversing the midwest on my friend greyhound, sitting next to an extremely fat man who didn't know the meaning of the word "shower" all the way from st. louis to kansas city, and having the guy across the aisle from me on the bus between kc and st. paul stick his smelly stocking feet in my face at some point in northern iowa, i'm finally in st. paul. i'm all dressed up cute to judge, and waiting to go down to campus.

chris is the most adorable person ever. he has been in kansas this week; i've missed him a lot. last night, he drove up to the bus station in kansas city around midnight and hung out there for an hour and half, during my layover, just to hang out with me. did i ever mention how much i love him?

finally, some memerifficness ganked from serawench.

You scored 76 masculinity and 33 femininity!
You scored high on masculinity and low on femininity. You have a traditionally masculine personality.

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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surprised? anyone?

i thought not.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

the good news: wichita state showed seton hall where to shove it. uw-milwaukee also told oklahoma to go back to oklahoma.

the bad news: i suck. why did i chicken out on picking pacific to upset boston college? it's overtime now, pacific is raining threes and up by six. no worries, though...i picked boston college to go home in the round of 32 against nevada, so if pacific stays up these next 2:36, it won't bust my bracket.
and the NCAA tournament has begun.

i'm watching wichita state v. seton hall.

if wichita state loses today, my bracket is screwed. everyone's got their cinderella, and the shockers are mine.

march madness is love.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

a meme of simple pleasures, for which ataralas and mrvoid both tagged me in the span of less than an hour.

Name ten of life's simple pleasures that you like most, then pick ten people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.

1. bare trees covered in ice and snow. i realised again this winter, one morning when i was waiting for the shuttle to go to my torts final, how absolutely breathtaking that sight is.

2. cheese. not the processed stuff, american cheese or fake swiss cheese or anything of that ilk...but real, honest-to-god cheese.

3. that first sip of coffee in the morning. i know then that life is, in fact, going to creep back into me for another day.

4. spelunking around a neighbourhood that i don't know, or don't know very well yet. i've done that here in st. louis more over the last two weeks than i have since i've moved here, and rediscovered how awesome that felt when i did the same thing in chicago.

5. a great big hug. when everything seems to suck, sometimes a hug from someone who means a lot to me is all i need to get things going well again.

6. board games. be they the complicated and strategic kind (settlers, history of the world, etc...), or the let's-revert-to-childhood kind (life, monopoly, etc...), playing board games always makes me overwhelmingly happy and amused.

7. penguins. still photographs of penguins amuse me. moving films and clips of penguins waddling around amuse me even more. best of all is going to the zoo to see the penguins...i'm glad the zoo in forest park here in st. louis is free...and has the best penguin exhibit ever. they're not even caged behind's a cold building, and you have to walk into the penguins' world.

8. the dirt cheap chicken. it's a silly mascot for a silly, locally produced advertisement. still, whenever the dirt cheap chicken comes on television, i forget everything else around me, and sit in complete amusement for a minute...or more like several, as i keep repeating "cheap! cheap! fun! fun!" and giggling hysterically for a while afterwards. i never know when the ads are going to come on tv, but when they do, i'm a happy camper.

9. anything shiny. shiny things distract me.

10. being able to sleep in on the weekends. i took that for granted until trial team kicked up this semester, and we had practice both saturday and sunday mornings.

as for tagging...i don't tag. do it if you think it's fun.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

i haven't squared the circle
(on that, there's been delay)
i've only come to wish you
the happiest π day.


Sunday, March 12, 2006

senator brownback scares me, makes me quite uneasy.

this is an article i read this morning. it's an article about senator brownback and his leadership in covert fundamentalist operatives in washington. it's an interesting article, definitely critical of him but in a well-written, almost subtle way...using his words and deeds to let him dig his own hole, instead of using editorial content to produce that result.

the scariest part, at least on principle?

"The most bluntly theocratic effort, however, is the Constitution Restoration Act, which Brownback co-sponsored with Jim DeMint, another former C Streeter who was then a congressman from South Carolina. If passed, it will strip the Supreme Court of the ability to even hear cases in which citizens protest faith-based abuses of power. Say the mayor of your town decides to declare Jesus lord and fire anyone who refuses to do so; or the principal of your local high school decides to read a fundamentalist prayer over the PA every morning; or the president declares the United States a Christian nation. Under the Constitution Restoration Act, that'll all be just fine."

thank goodness court-stripping plans have been generally less-than-successful in the last century or so. here's hoping that trend remains.

also unnerving...

And yet compassionate conservatism, as Colson conceives it and Brownback implements it, is strikingly similar to plain old authoritarian conservatism. In place of liberation, it offers as an ideal what Colson calls "biblical obedience" and what Brownback terms "submission." The concept is derived from Romans 13, the scripture by which Brownback and Colson understand their power as God-given: "Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation."

To Brownback, the verse is not dictatorial -- it's simply one of the demands of spiritual war, the "worldwide spiritual offensive" that the Fellowship declared a half-century ago. "There's probably a higher level of Christians being persecuted during the last ten, twenty years than . . . throughout human history," Brownback once declared on Colson's radio show. Given to framing his own faith in terms of battles, he believes that secularists and Muslims are fighting a worldwide war against Christians -- sometimes in concert. "Religious freedom" is one of his top priorities, and securing it may require force. He's sponsored legislation that could lead to "regime change" in Iran, and has proposed sending combat troops to the Philippines, where Islamic rebels killed a Kansas missionary.

Brownback doesn't demand that everyone believe in his God -- only that they bow down before Him.

must i go on about the inconsistencies here? first of all, the whole "persecuted christian" mentality that's been so prevalent among the fundamentalists nowadays. if the christians were as persecuted as the fundamentalists believe they are, why would the fundamentalist right be as powerful as they are? the fact that there are many citizens who are not christians, the fact that there are people who tolerate such things as religious plurality, homosexuality, or secular spheres in life...does not mean that there is persecution of christians going on.

and, "religious freedom"? the idea that muslims and secularists are fighting a war against christianity? i think the fact that people are allowed to be muslim, secular, christian, or anything else is a better indicator of actual religious freedom than a nation where you're really only free to be christian.
a fun little survey i borrowed from gyngalyn...*halo*...

Kinky bastard!
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Saturday, March 11, 2006

scene: last night at st. louis sports zone. they had turned off my NTN Trivia in favour of a basketball game, so i was reading the ticker at the bottom of one of the TVs that had whatever satellite variant of ESPN that happened to be on. they were showing results from the world baseball classic.

me: "oooh, neat. the pitcher from the netherlands threw a no hitter today...that's pretty cool."
chris: "dutch land uber alles."

Friday, March 10, 2006

happy 66th birthday to He Who Can Roundhouse Kick All Of Us Out Of Existence, But In His Infinite Mercy Has Decided Not To.
anyone remember Mr. Bolt Gun?

*reverts to first year of college*

Thursday, March 09, 2006

shocker of the day:

it was a sixteen year old boy who wrote the classic anthem "booty conniption."

now he's 24 and still making music...sadly, though, not all of it relates to singing how it's booty time, booty time, booty time, uh-uh-uh-uh...
yesterday was an eventful day.

the morning was nice, in that i got to sleep in. i didn't get to sleep in all that much, since i had to dress up, but i got an extra half an hour since my class wasn't starting until 10. what a difference that half hour made! i am going to be extremely dissuaded from taking any 9am classes in the future...the earliest i ever want to start school again is 10 or 11 in the morning.

i was thanking my lucky stars i bought an umbrella last weekend, since i was wearing a suit, and it was pouring down rain when i waited for the shuttle. but, i did buy an umprella, and it's a giant golf umbrella, so i didn't get wet.

crim law was uneventful. it was...crim law. afterwards, i realised i had a huge run in my stocking, but i had an extra pair of stockings in case that happened. me, 1; surprise attempts to derail my day, 0.

i left wash u about three hours before my interview, since i was paranoid about the fact i was taking transit. i trusted the gold line (one of the wash u shuttles) to get me there on time...but since my last experience with metro was when the lindell bus blew right past me and chris one morning when we had to get to trial team, i was a wee bit wary. turned out i didn't need to be...i was using metrolink, and that worked perfectly. i was downtown by noon, and my interview wasn't until two.

the mall

i still had to get lunch, though. i had neglected to eat breakfast, and was beginning to pay the price, since my energy level was starting to plummet. i went into a mall right at the corner of 6th and washington, right where i had gotten off the metrolink. it said that it had shops and restaurants, and looked like a nice enough urban mall from the outside. i was a little confused when walking along one of its sides, down washington from sixth to seventh street, when the display windows didn't seem to have much in them...but it couldn't be that empty, right? it was a mall in downtown of a somewhat major city.

i was wrong. it was that empty. i completely underestimated how creepy it would be to walk around a mall in the throes of its death...around a mall that was in just as deep a state of disrepair and neglect as much of downtown st. louis. for every store that was open, there were two, three, sometimes even four store locations that were closed, empty, or boarded up. the people walking around the mall were not even shopping; it was simply an indoor venue for vagrants to walk around, carry their bags, and shield themselves from the intermittent rain.

i went up to the fourth floor, to the "food court", to try and get some lunch...there was a teriyaki stall and a fish stall, and that was it. i couldn't even bring myself to eat there. the lights were not even on in the dining area, and there were only two or three tables with people at them.

i got out of there as soon as possible. i have seen so much outdoor urban decay that i am numb to it. but, indoor urban decay is a different story. i had never been inside a dying urban building before then. i'm used to buildings being shut down and boarded up before they got to that point. i left that mall mumbling to myself about why i was even considering working in downtown st. louis this summer, and wishing that i had planned to go to kansas city instead. there may be a hole in the middle of downtown, but they're putting a building there. kansas city has had its resurrection. st. louis has not.

a swanky dive

i still hadn't solved the problem of where to eat lunch. i decided i would find the law firm where i was interviewing, and then work from there to try to find a place to eat. i found the building without any trouble, and then started spelunking around the area, trying to find a place to eat. i found an italian place about half a block away called 10th street italian. i mumbled to myself about how i shouldn't be blowing money on an expensive meal, and how if i ate there, and ended up getting the job i was interviewing for, i'd become addicted and spend all my paychecks there buying tasty italian food. from the outside, it appeared to be a completely swanky business lunch place, expensive. it turned out i was only half right.

this place could only have been described as a swanky dive. yes, most of the people there were business people. yes, the tables and chairs were pretty shiny. but, it had the essence of a dive. the food wasn't particularly expensive. all the employees wore black t-shirts that read on the backs of them a big screw-you to all things st. louis, right there in downtown st. louis:

10th street italian:
no provel.
no alfredo.
no toasted ravioli.

you ordered your food at the counter, and then they either boxed it up for you or brought it to your table if you felt like eating there. i ordered a plate of manicotti, and it was everything it was cracked up to be. it is probably true that if i get the job i interviewed for yesterday, i will spend way too much money at this place, but at least lunch was more like seven bucks than twelve, right?

come do a bowl!

after lunch, i still had an hour to kill before my interview. i decided, probably against my better judgment, to do some spelunking in st. louis...just walk up and down washington avenue, see what was there, see if there was a store i could loiter in for half an hour so i'm not sketchily early to my interview. it was starting to look bleak...there were some swanky little restaurants of the kind you would see tucked away in Old Town, Chicago, some little flickers of a renaissance, but no shops.

finally, a few blocks down, i saw a huge sign for a store called MacroSun International. it purported to have clothing and all sorts of random stuff from south and east appeared to be a complete hippie store. i walk in, and i'm right. there are all sorts of bright indian silks, random statues, and sweet-smelling incense and oils. i felt so out of place there, dressed in a pinstriped business suit.

i was the only customer in the store (probably not surprising, since it was one in the afternoon, on a weekday.) the proprietor walks up to me and starts chatting. we talk about st. louis, we talk about chicago, and we talk about other assorted randomness. i tell her that i'm in the neighbourhood, killing time before a job interview, that i'm a little nervous about other words, i'm trying to explain away why i'm in a hippie store with a business suit on. when i tell her i'm nervous, she responds:

"come do a bowl with me. it will calm you down."

i probably looked at her as if she was an alien? did she just say i should do a bowl? an hour before a job interview? i start stammering, but i don't get much of anything out. did she just offer me drugs, just like that?

no, she did not. she then walks over and picks up a bowl with a stick...apparently, there are these things called tibetan meditation bowls, and if you tap them and then drag a stick around the edge of the bowl, in circles, they resonate, they make these really awesome sounds. i was pretty good at playing the bowls...and they were, in fact, relaxing. i'd love to go back there and buy one, to play on my own time and to show off to other people.

in other words, it was a hysterical misunderstanding that turned out really, really cool. i hung out there until about 1:30, and then realised i should walk back up to the law firm.

a psychotic interlude

i walked up washington avenue a few blocks, back up to the firm. the street was deserted. i was getting a little nervous again, since the gauntlet of attorneys was only half an hour away. i walked up the street, and started repeating a poem by jack prelutzky that i loved as a child, over and over again, out loud, in a singsong voice:

fenton phlantz is fairly weird.
he puts peanuts in his beard.
elephants are often found
following fenton phlantz around.

i probably looked pretty silly walking up the road, dressed professionally, singing that poem over and over.

the reason i was there

finally, it was time for the interview. really, i have the least interesting stories from that of all, despite the fact that the interview served as the entire reason for this oddball day in downtown st. louis.

several of the attorneys i talked to seemed to be rather interested in my stories from my job at leona's last year. that was rather odd...although i was glad of it, my stories from leona's are a lot more amusing, and a lot more fun to tell, than most of my stories from law school. i think i also come off as much less of a tool when i'm telling the story of the idiot who was mad that his hot wings were hot than when i am trying to convince them of what a wonderful law student i am.

one of the attorneys with whom i interviewed was also a fellow karaoke nut. she seemed quite impressed that my Signature Karaoke Song was "my immortal." we compared notes on karaoke bars, and talked about our karaoke experiences for a while.

as you can tell, the truly fun and memorable parts of interviews are the parts when we chat about anything but the law.

home again, home again...or at least back to school.

my interview got out at 4. that was nice, because it meant i could be back at wash u by 5. i ended the required portion of my day by being a huge raving mock trial season ended last weekend, but what did i do? i went back to school from 5-6, and helped teach people how to enter pieces of evidence. i can't wait for these trial skills trainings to continue after spring break...i think trial club has hit on a good thing, and they're so much fun to do.

well...that was my day, or most of it. if you've made it this far...thank you for indulging my desire to be verbose. i don't usually have the time to write this much anymore.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

wish me luck. i have an interview today...the reason i think i did well enough at the first round to get called back is because i wasn't nervous...i was laid back, i felt like i had nothing to lose. this was the only first-round i felt that way with, and the only callback i got. now that it is a callback, i'm feeling a lot more nervous. i have two, maybe two and a half hours to get two partners and four associates to think i'm awesome....which means that by 2pm today, i have to be thoroughly convinced that i am awesome. right now, "oh crud i'm sluggish and i still have a few crim cases to read by 10am" is more like it.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

i just found out today that starting july 1st, all wash u students are going to get free access to the metro.

my inner transit geek is as happy as a pig in slop.
bits and pieces from another day of being completely out of it...

**first of all, i stumbled upon this article on serawench's LJ. all i have to say is..what. the. fuck? this guy is running for senate in order to try and get Good Christian Judges on the bench. sigh. i am aware that Random Trucker, especially running as a democrat on this platform, is not going to actually win the party nod. but, still, there is so much wrong with this guy. my efforts to elaborate on each of his points are coming up empty...i read a point, i boggle, i read it again, i boggle some more, and i repeat this cycle paragraph by paragraph. make homosexuality a capital crime? instill religious conversion as part of the war on terror in order to teach muslims the religious error of their ways? deprive all people who believe in evolution of their basic rights? i think this guy is the platonic form of the hot-button whack-job.

**tomorrow, i finally don't have a 9am class. since legal research is over, the only class i have tomorrow is crim at 10. this means i don't have to get out of bed until 8:40. that extra hour of sleepytime is going to be beautiful...and much needed, as i have a callback interview tomorrow for which i'd like to be awake, aware, and at my best.

**i like cheese ravioli. cheese ravioli is extremely tasty. i am eating some right now, and it is making me quite happy.

**finally, a survey, ganked from mrvoid.

1. Choose a band/artist: stabbing westward
2. Are you male or female: nothing
3. Describe yourself: violent mood swings
4. How do some people feel about you: angel
5. How do you feel about yourself: the thing i hate
6. Describe your ex boyfriend/girlfriend: i remember
7. Describe current boyfriend/girlfriend: you complete me
8. Describe where you want to be: waking up beside you
9. Describe how you live: red on white
10. Describe how you love: so wrong
11. What would you ask for if you had just one wish: can't happen here
12. Share a few words of wisdom: i don't believe
13. Where do you live: what do i have to do?
14. Now say goodbye: when i'm dead
wow. Paulson is extra silly this morning. this is just amusing.

Monday, March 06, 2006

i forgot a scene in kansas city this weekend...that i probably shouldn't post on here because of the continued harassment i will get, but it's funny anyway, so there. it's a perfect example of telling a story (or, mentioning a nickname, as the case may be) and having it return to bite me in the butt.

the team was at dinner on thursday night, after the round, telling random stories about random stuff. dara had just told the story about a pet goat her family had when she was a girl. the subject then came up about the kitchen not cooking either chris' steak or the judge's steak correctly. the judge sent his back, but chris had already eaten about half of his within just a few minutes of receiving his plate. we note this fact about chris' half-disappeared steak. dara says:

"yeah, but chris is a goat. next thing i know, chris is going to eat a tin can...but then again, that's why he's so great for nicky, because she's a goat too."

the really goofy thing is, she paused enough after calling chris a goat that i was breathing in to thank her for calling him a goat and not me. then she started to speak again.
ganked from this post from metaquotes is something...not funny-witty, but altogether-too-true-witty.

Dear South Dakota:
The Handmaid's Tale is a dystopian novel, not a how-to manual.

i wish i could take credit for that observation. i really wish i could.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

i took this a long time ago, but i stumbled upon it and took it again, just out of curiosity...

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz
well, back from kansas city. chris' team hit arkansas this morning, the team that eliminated my team yesterday afternoon. they put up a great trial, and i would have sworn they won...but they lost a split decision. that means neither of us are going to nationals, since only the winner moves on.

still...chris was amazing. he gave such a great cross. did i ever mention how sexy people get even sexier when they mock extraordinarily well? because they really, really do.

this was a weekend full of whisky tango foxtrots. that's about all i can say. some of the highlights, lowlights, and...key confusions...include...

--we really, really should have gotten and submitted some itemized receipts from Totally Nude, just to see what the administration would do. (yes, there was a strip club right by the yummy thai restaurant in downtown kansas city. no, we didn't go in.)

--driving a train through a door: it's the perfect metaphor for anything, be it extremely frightening sex or simply rebutting something prejudicial in trial.

--you don't stand up, indignant, to ask an attorney to "take a recess to discuss with their witness the implications of perjury"--especially when what the witness just said was in her deposition, verbatim.

--if you worked at a place for five years, you know if you used a piece of equipment, or you didn't. "i don't know" just doesn't cut it there.

--opposing counsel told a story about a dog that didn't bark. that reminds me of a story about a dog...actually, some fox hunting dogs.

--chris is a trial advocacy studmuffin. (yes, i knew that already, but he reeeeeeeeally did it for some hot blonde judge this weekend, and she basically had an orgasm during comments, raving about how much he reeeeeeeeeeeeally did it for her. but, hey...he went home with me and not the hot blonde judge... *snicker*)

i know there are more silly things that happened this weekend. i'm tired and i'm blanking out, though, so maybe i'll remember them later.

and, for anyone who's going to be in st. paul for silver flight...i just made my bus reservations for that. i'll be there the whole weekend, and i may even be judging rounds there. *grin* see you in st. paul!!!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

there will be a more extensive and amusing post later, since i have some crazy stories, but i'm dead tired right now, and about to go to bed.

the tournament went well. i'm still in kansas city. in our three preliminary rounds, my team pretty solidly outmatched all our opponents, and we won all three rounds. first round was unanimous, second round was a split decision (2 ballots to 1), and third round, i don't know.

both wash u teams, mine and chris', broke to semifinals. we hit arkansas in the semis this afternoon and lost. chris' team beat washburn in the semis, and they're hitting arkansas tomorrow. i'm still pretty fragile about the fact that we lost in the semis today, but we did everything we could. we had a good round against a good team, we stayed on our game even better than we did in any of the preliminary rounds.

anyway, i'm going to bed. i'm sleepy...after the round i went to dinner with melanie and dara, we had a trial-team-girls-night-out of sorts at a really nice restaurant (hoorayyyyyyy, expense accounts! thank you, Wash U, for paying for my swanky salmon dinner!), and that bottle of wine we split is really zonking me out.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

spent the entire day at the hotel a lot of work done on my expert directs, which was both good and necessary. we've got most of today to practice stuff, and then the tournament starts in earnest today at 5.