Monday, January 02, 2006

you know what's great about going to chicago? even though i don't live there anymore, it still always feels like home whenever i go back. sure, there may be a few funny stories here and there that we may be behind on telling each other, but that's what staying up late, or running around town, or any kind of hanging out is for, right? the weekend was absolutely amazing...i spent all of it with the guys, and then last night, abby and jess came over for trivial pursuit, and then mel came over while we were watching duck tales dvds.

new year's eve was quite amusing. we (me, kevin, phil, josh, chris) went to north beach. they had bowling, and they had open bar from 9-1. it was hilarious...around 10:30 or so, there was this woman who came up to our table...about our age, quite attractive except for the fact that she smoked. she puts her drink down at our table, and starts saying something about how we shouldn't put roofies in it...that was weird enough. i crack a joke about how great it is to be a woman, and not need to use roofies in the pursuit of getting laid. she then is like, "well, what if you're a lesbian," and talking about how much more difficult it is to get girls to sleep with you...and then she changes the subject to the idea that she thought we were all drama techies (she was a theatre something-or-other...maybe a performance artist...i don't really remember.) basically, she was hitting on me. majorly. of course, i didn't actually do anything about it, but it was very, very amusing to the guys there, and very amusing to me. i mean...maybe i'm a bad person for it, but even when you're taken, it's always fun when attractive people try to flirt with you. this situation...was a little bit of that, a little bit of WTF, and all the way amusing.

also all the way amusing were the drunk dials. we made a lot of them. there was much singing of auld lang syne (or some approximation thereof), much saying of random stupid things...i really don't remember a whole lot by that point.

yesterday was beautifully lazy. i slept until almost noon, and we stayed at kevin's all day. i was still in pajamas, even when everyone came over. we watched a lot of football, and kevin cooked a lot of meat. (yes, we made tons and tons of jokes about all the hot was amusing...we were acting like teenagers.)

today, though...not as much fun. today i went back to st. louis, because supposedly we were having mock trial practice. the greyhound ride was uneventful, but i'm still sick of travelling... and, then, it took forever for the city bus to come and take me home. at least it finally came, at least i was waiting in the right spot. (i was afraid i was not.)

and now i'm back home. i'm exhausted, but i'm not actually sleepy. i haven't heard about when trial team practices resume, and chris can't come to town for another couple of days, so right now i'm a little hacked that i didn't stay in chicago an extra day or two...if i am told to be back in town by the 2nd for trial team practice, i would really like to hear from the coach or my team or something, and have somewhere to go that justifies me not still being in chicago. hopefully i'll hear something about it tomorrow.

either way, it's just so strange being in st. louis without chris. it's so weird sitting on the couch, being lazy, not having class for an entire week...and not having him here to hug, to enjoy the lazy time with me. it's strange, and it's sad.

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