Monday, January 23, 2006

yesterday started sadly.

i was at trial team practice. it was 10am on a sunday, we were all tired and bleary-eyed, and joe was hung over. someone, before chris and i got in, got the brilliant idea to go to majestic, a greek-american diner in the central west end that is like salonica, only with beer and fun signs. The Judge wasn't getting in until noon, and when he did, he was working with the other team. thus, it became a general consensus that trial is good, but trial with coffee, omelettes, and tasty gyro meat is better. we were about ready to leave the school to go to majestic, when we realised that no one was clear whether or not we were going to have another coach come to our meeting or not. we thought dave, one of our lawyer coaches, may be coming to the meeting, but we weren't sure. i had his number, so i called him up.

i was not prepared to hear what i heard. i was prepared to hear either that he was coming to practice, or that he had been at work since 6:30 am because he had a trial coming up, or that he was just catching up on his sleep. instead...he apologized about not being at practice, said he wasn't going to be in today...and then told me his son died.

i felt so bad for calling him. i didn't know what to say. it's so sad...i couldn't believe it! his son was young...i found out later yesterday, looking at the obituary, that he was only twenty, and he was killed in a car crash.

tonight, the trial team is, as a group, going to the visitation. i am a little nervous, because i didn't know colin, only his father. but, still, he is there for the trial team, at practice, we need to be there for him.

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