Tuesday, January 03, 2006

okay, anyone who knows mid nineties music will probably find this as disturbing as i do.

i am watching TNT. there was an ad for a rodeo-competitor themed reality show.

i'll give you a guess as to what song they used in the background of the ad was.

give up?

touch, peel, and stand by days of the new.

in a show about rodeos, riding animals, they were using touch, peel, and stand. and, it wasn't the full song...it was awkwardly edited to keep out the phrase "you are the one to abuse." of course, since that phrase is repeated over and over again in that song, the editing was really, really screwy.

i guess the line "i've finally found the reason, i don't need an excuse," one of the lines they did use, is, in a vacuum, appropriate enough...but if you know the rest of the song, it's just unsettling.

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