Sunday, January 15, 2006

never have i wanted a sex change operation so badly as i want one right now.

i am looking for a new suit, since my old ones have had the course. i have gone out to brick-and-mortar shopping malls looking for what i thought was a very simple request: a black (or otherwise dark) pinstriped skirt suit. there is a smattering of pinstriped pantsuits. there is a smattering of skirt suits, although all of them are either solid or garish and checkered and fringed, like a frumpy old lady would wear. none of them are right. i need pinstripes.

i then resorted to looking on the internet. i spent thirty or forty-five minutes on the internet a few days ago, looking. i've spent three hours and counting today, looking. it's darn near impossible--i've found three, just THREE, that fit the bill. i thought maybe it would be difficult to find one because of my size. no, that's not the problem at all. the elusive black pinstriped skirtsuit is just as elusive for the perfect size six as it is for the perfect size sixteen.

sigh. my goal is to place an order by the time i hit the sack tonight. it must happen. i must find the perfect suit in time to get it mailed here and tailored, in time for job interviews and mock trial regionals.

if any fashion designers happen to stumble over this for some reason...start producing more black pinstriped skirtsuits, for crying out loud! i can't be the only woman who would look best in that style of suit! i really can't be! it's a professional staple! it's easy enough to find men's suits that are dark and pinstriped! why not women's suits?

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