Saturday, January 28, 2006

i logged onto webstac (wash u's equivalent of cmore, the computer student records system) to check my grades, probably for the third or fourth time today. of course, since it's saturday, there's nothing new up. i started clicking on random links under the list of student records i can access. i clicked on my "student record printout" just out of curiosity, just to se what was on there.

one of the headings on my record was labelled "milestones."

surprisingly enough, there was something on there. it wasn't getting on trial team, doing orientation, my outlandish halloween party costume, or anything i would actually call a milestone.

no, it was my locker on the second floor of the law school. listed under "milestones" on my student record are my locker combination and my locker number.

i find that rather strange. i have a new goal, though--have something cooler than that under "milestones" on my transcript.

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