Tuesday, January 17, 2006

i liked the marvelous 3 in high school. i heard freak of the week, really liked the song, and got into them from there. they were fun to listen to...i got hey album! and readysexgo, i listened to them every so often, and it was good.

it wasn't until a couple years ago, third year of college, when i started listening to them on a more regular basis. i started bringing those two albums to work and listening to them more and more...i don't know what it is, but they are a most excellent band. i didn't appreciate them to the fullest extent until then, which was long after they broke up. most of their songs are so upbeat and catchy, a lot more so than almost anything else that i listen to. it's not music i listen to when i'm moody and feel like wallowing in it; it's not depressing in the least. that's not to say all their songs are happy songs, but their music has a general glass-half-full air about it. and then, some of their songs are just silly.

maybe this is just more proof that i'm definitely a child of the nineties. despite the fact that readysexgo came out in the summer of 2000, they're still a thoroughly late-nineties band, and one of the best there is. there are so few bands who have so many songs that stand up to obsessively repeated listenings...and the marvelous 3 is one of them.

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