Monday, January 30, 2006

i just finished doing my civ pro reading for today...go me! anyway, two of the selections we had to read for civ pro involved feature stories about process servers and the creative ways in which they serve process. it left me with one thought...if law school fails, process server is going to be one of my fallback careers (my others being the owner of a used CD store and the new person to wear the Dirt Cheap Chicken costume.)

process servers must have the coolest stories ever. a few of the most amusing ones i read included:

--walking up to an actress with flowers, having the actress ask if the flowers were for her, and telling her "no, but these are!" and serving her the papers.

--going up to an old lady's house, one who had been avoiding him for weeks, yelling "fire!", and when she came down...serving her process and running away.

--dressing up as the pizza guy and serving a subpoena in a pizza box. (although, i think it would be a lot funnier if i did it on some variation of a jack-in-the-box.)

--tossing process through a window and landing it right in a woman's hands as she's reaching into a bowl in her kitchen.

--telling another process server that she's heard he's awesome, that if he shows up tomorrow he can serve some processes for her--and the instead, serving him with a subpoena.

in other words, process servers get to dress up and do stupid stuff in order to grab people with the long arm of the law. what an amusing career!

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