Friday, January 20, 2006

i feel awful this morning. (yes, i'm aware it's 2:15, but i did not get out of bed until close to 1:30.) i ditched all my classes. hopefully resting today will make me feel better tomorrow.

i was going to go to a concert tonight--inept was supposed to be playing at the creepy crawl tonight. but, it says on both the creepy crawl website and inept's myspace site that the show has been cancelled. that makes me sad. i was looking so forward to that show. i haven't been to a concert since september, when escape from earth played off broadway. i haven't been to an inept show since i lived in chicago. that show was on my calendar for months, i was basically counting the days--to find out yesterday that it was cancelled is such a disappointment.

i got another one of my grades back yesterday, my legal writing grade. i thought that was going to be my best was ever-so-marginally better than my contracts grade, but still, i'll be an extremely unhappy person if that does shake out to be my best grade. i don't think i'm ever going to be happy with my law school grades...i came here to work hard, do well, and be extraordinary, not to see my grades as low as they are, despite my hard work.

i'll say maybe torts or property will be better, but that's probably not true. those won't probably be in until the end of last week. i know i'm going to be obsessively checking the website to see if they come in...i'm going to be a wreck waiting for them, and i'm probably going to be a wreck when i get them. i can't win this one.

there is one ray of light, though. the public defender informational meeting was today. one of my friend went, and relayed a bit of news to me--that if you don't get an interview with them through on-campus interviewing, that you can call their office and arrange an interview there. it's awesome that everyone who wants an interview with the public defender gets one. this is good, since that means i will definitely have at least an interview where i really want to work this summer. i'm going to go through the rest of on-campus interviewing as well, in case i don't get a position through the public defender, but i feel a little calmer about jobs now, since i will somehow get an interview with the pd.

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