Tuesday, January 03, 2006

i am watching an episode of divorce court. it's pissing me off. there's this woman. she's married to this guy, and she cheated on him. she cheated on him with another woman, and now they're together. she's still married to this guy. her excuse for this is "he knew i was bisexual when we got married" and that "i can't turn off my bisexuality."

sigh. idiots like that make me sick. they give bisexuals a bad name, and perpetuate the notion that bisexuals are so prone to cheat. it's no excuse at all. if she married one single person, it's up to her to either only sleep with that person or to sit down and discuss the parameters of the relationship with that person. preferably, that's a discussion she should have had with him before she got married. if she knew she couldn't just commit to one person, she should have thought of that before she got married. she should have found someone who would consent to being in an open relationship, or she should have stayed single...found some sort of honest nonmonogamy. i don't have a problem with nonmonogamy--on the contrary, i think it's great for people to admit that monogamy is not their thing, and to structure their relationships accordingly. but, the key word is to admit it--instead of getting into some sort of monogamous arrangement and then going behind their partner's back.

i guess this goes to my general concept of sexuality--that the key to it is for everyone involved in any given sexual situation to be on the same page. i guess this is probably too much to ask of idiots who end up going on divorce court to settle their differences.

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