Thursday, January 12, 2006

i am so frustrated. i know grades aren't due yet, but everyone who is not in my section has more than ONE GRADE out for last semester. the only official, final grade i have out yet is my rotten excuse for a contracts grade. this is bad, since the grades are not due until AFTER the deadline for submitting all of the materials for my application to the public defender's office. this is bad, since the public defender's office is where i really want to work this summer. i am, of course, in no position to email my professors to tell them that if they do not submit my grades, i will more than likely be out of the job that i want, but i really want to send them howlers.

i had my first con law class today. my professor is hilarious because he's nuttier than a fruitcake...for any of you U(C) physics people out there, he reminds me way too much of bob geroch. he's somewhat more intelligible, which is good, and his geeky mannerisms are a little more over-the-top, which is amusing, but i still get the feeling that he's a lot more of a thinker than a teacher, and his lecture today was a stream-of-consciousness look into the crazy workings of the neurons of professor paulson.

also, i think all of section a must now think that i am That Guy. who knows, i may end up being That Guy in my con law class. but, what the heck was i going to do? the professor was asking pretty easy questions, no one was raising their hand to answer them, no one in the class of 80 people or's painful to hang there like that, it's better i raise my hand and answer the bloody question than feel like the whole class is sitting there dumbfounded at 9am, right?

speaking of 9am, i'm surprised i made it to class this morning. last night, chris and i went out to a bar, since it was the watch site for the kansas basketball game. this bar has $5 pitchers of any beer but guinness all night on wednesday nights. i have a funny feeling chris and i are going to be spending way too many wednesday nights at the st. louis sports zone, between it being the kansas watch site and it having such cheap pitchers of good beer. somehow, though, i managed to get up at 7:40, get my act together, and be at school on time.

this has nothing to do with anything, but it's so bizarre that i have to relate the story. a while ago, i was watching some bad late night television. there was an ad that came on for some fitness video. i could hear the voices talking about "yoga[garble]ballet." i was very confused by this, since it looked like all the middle-aged white women in leotards were doing neither yoga nor ballet, but some kind of hip-hop dancing. i watched, confused, for a second, as they kept repeating about how "yoga[garble]ballet" was such a great workout and how their life had changed because of "yoga[garble]ballet." they never showed them doing yoga or any bastardized version thereof; they never showed them doing ballet or any bastardized version thereof. finally, they showed a copy of the video they were trying to sell. it was called "yoga booty ballet." what? disconnect! i guess by "booty" they mean hip hop dancing, and there's a lot more booty than yoga or ballet. it's still the most ridiculous combination ever, in my opinion. i wonder who thought of it...and how much money they are making from middle-aged white women who think these videos will make them hip and/or skinny. words are failing me right now...but it was the most surreal advertisement for a fitness video (or, really, anything) that i had ever seen.

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