Monday, January 30, 2006

i am going psychotic, absolutely psychotic.

today's the last day for professors to turn in their grades. thus, they should be posted to WebStac today, or at the very latest (if the registrar's office is delinquent in typing them in) tomorrow. i am still waiting on two of my grades, my torts grade and my property grade. especially now that it is after noon, i am so distracted about my grades coming out, distracted by hearing through the grapevine that this, that and the other grade has hit the web, that i can't read my civil procedure. this is bad, as i still have not even finished my civpro reading for last friday, much less today's class. the good news is that i'm probably off the hook since i got grilled in civpro last week, the bad news is that being behind in my reading is a bad precedent that i have to nip in the bud.

i guess we'll see if any of my grades come out today. if any of my posts are cryptic single sentences to the effect of "i am the biggest failure ever" or, less likely, "i win at life," you'll all know why.

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