Monday, January 09, 2006

a few things, since i've been delinquent on my blogging lately.

--school is looking good this semester. i had civil procedure and criminal law today. both of those professors look like they're going to be awesome.

-- i finished all my homework for tomorrow before 4 today. that means i don't have to do more work after i get home from mock trial.

--i swam AN ENTIRE KILOMETER after crim law today. i am proud of myself. i have decided that i'm going to make a habit of hitting the pool every day after crimlaw, since i have a long break right then every day.

--as of friday evening, i have my butch hair back. yay for me.

--i'm knitting a blanket. it's going to be purple and green, cute and fuzzy. yay for me there, too.

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