Saturday, January 28, 2006

the client counseling competition was this morning. in my new black pinstriped skirt suit (it came on monday SQUEEEEEE!!!!) and my new electric blue blouse that i got on thursday (for 33% off SQUEEEEEE!!!!) i looked GOOD. i was ready to go.

and, the competition went well. this was lots better than the negotiation competition. it probably was that way because, unlike the negotiation competition, Roxy and i had half a clue what was going on, what we were supposed to do.

they release finalists later today. hopefully we make it. that would be awesome. either way, i feel really good about what we did.

last night was a was Hilary's birthday dinner. i was there with Hilary, Chris, Megan, Sophie, and Sophie's boyfriend Jeff. we went to maggiano's, had lots of awesome food, and had lots of awesome (and, at many turns, silly) conversation. we all need to go out more often.

anyway...i have two hours before trial team practice. i'm going to go get some food, as i ate about two bites of my bagel this morning before having to run out the door to catch the lindell bus.

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