Saturday, January 28, 2006

apparently, last sunday was national sanctity of human life day.

sigh. i read this proclamation, and i wanted to do something funny with it. i wanted to annotate it with snide comments. but, nothing i came up with was particularly funny...and, reading it, i was thinking less in words and more in pure, unadulterated rage.

so, we are supposed to celebrate the preservation of the unborn, and for what?

to bless rape victims with the holy trauma of bearing their rapist's kid?

to exalt the mother who will surely die in childbirth, for sacrificing her years on this planet, her time and effort spent on her own life, because she happened to get pregnant?

to honour the young woman who has her whole life ahead of her with the privilege of dropping out of school or leaving her hard-found job to raise a child and hoping that God will somehow provide her with the funds, living space, and emotional support to raise it?

to rebuke the modern woman with a stern reminder that, despite any plan she has for herself, that God made her as a vehicle, an impenetrable haven, created only to replicate these new lives that may or may not be cared for, loved, and raised after those nine months inside her?

it makes me sick.

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