Wednesday, November 30, 2005

today's a great day in the world of weird news.

first off, we have these dingbats. that's right, dumb game show contestants. if crocodiles were insects that hovered over lakes, or the six days war lasted fourteen days, or bonnie and clyde were famous brothers, these would be some of the smartest people alive...but instead, they have me snickering in torts class.

secondly, we have...this guy. he's a burglar. he's a stupid burglar. he's a stupid burglar who got stuck in the window trying to escape. let's all point and laugh:

ha ha!

finally, we have henry earl. surprisingly enough, he's not in jail today. but, he'll probably be in jail tomorrow or the next day. he's been busted for public drunkenness and similar misdemeanors over nine hundred times in the last thirteen years. there are some...special stories and some special mug shots of this guy. furthermore, there are statistics: how long he's been in jail, how long his average jail stays and free periods are. it's silly. definitely one of the more amusing town drunks i've ever run upon during my days of cruising fark.

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