Wednesday, November 16, 2005

today, i was the board-certified Worst Student Ever.

i ditched all my classes to try and write this memo that is due, at least in almost-complete draft form, tomorrow (or, i guess, today) at 10. i got so little done on it that it wasn't even funny. i had seven pages by the time i went to trial team practice at 6 today.

trial team lasted until almost midnight. i wasn't home from steak n shake after practice until 1:30, almost.

now, i am going to be up all night, or at least almost all night, and not be prepared for any of my classes. plus, i am going to be very tired all day tomorrow. oops.

still, very amusing thing said at trial team today. when the meeting was breaking up, the judge had everyone gather around for a prayer. he said something to the effect of how the trial team should carry jesus with them to the tournament. one very sarcastic member of the trial team replied, "sorry, we're running out of space in our carry-ons." that amused me a lot...everyone laughed hysterically at that one.

the other great story from the day... so, my birthday is saturday. since my boyfriend will be out of town on the trial team trip, he gave me birthday presents today. he decided, instead of wrapping them, to hide them in my apartment. i swear, that boy is the master of hiding things in plain view. it took me a while to find the present that was hidden in an obvious place...i had scoured the living room many times, looked all around the tv and the dvds...and not noticed at all that he had hidden the 3 dvds in the beavis and butt-head dvd set among my roommate's dvds. slick.

the other present he hid was even better hidden. i was looking all over the place, and still couldn't find it. finally, after twenty or thirty minutes of frantic searching, he had some mercy on me and decided to play hot or cold, as i requested. he kept saying "hot" in a certain part of my room. i picked up a storm of swords, a book that i knew had been in my room since forever, and put it aside, saying that i knew it wasn't it. finally, i kept searching, playing hot or cold, and said, in exasperation, "hot always seems to be near this book!" i pick up a storm of swords again...flip through it, only to realise that under the dust jacket, he had replaced that book with a feast for crows...the new george r.r. martin book, and my other birthday present.

clever clever clever boy.

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