Friday, November 04, 2005

today i had a federal judge compare me to Aileen Wuornos.

i was playing officer juarez in the mock trial today...that was the corrupt cop. i was a hostile witness for the plaintiff. i was being a hard-nosed jerk, not particularly talkative at all, and unapologetic for what i did. (it's a legal malpractice case...the plaintiff is suing the defense attorney from her assault trial, and i played the cop who planted the gun and claimed she assaulted me.) anyway, i finish my testimony, the coaches go over the attorneys' comments, and then the head coach goes:

"has anyone seen monster, that movie with charlize theron? you were the main character from that movie, the serial killer!"

that amused me way too much. i thought i was being menacing, i had no idea i came off as that menacing. then again, he had never seen me before as anything but bubbly and enthusiastic.

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