Sunday, November 06, 2005

this weekend has been pretty lazy... it's been nice, but i am still envious of every single one of you who got to spend this weekend at a mock trial tournament, be it macalester or kansas. you all rock...and i am hopelessly addicted to mock trial.

as for me...friday was party night. went to happy hour, found out about some guy who was throwing a house party, went there. talked to lots of people, played quarters for the first time ever, realised that i really, really suck at quarters. i should not play drinking games, ever. i suck at drinking games. walked home from said party...i'm getting really good at making very long walks through st. louis, u-city, and clayton, at getting home from random parties with my own two feet. they're a little longer than the walks home that i was used to in chicago, but there also aren't crack dealers. yay for that.

yesterday i spent the morning watching bad game shows. then, i went over to hilary's to watch evita. i had never seen it was really good, and madonna makes a surprisingly awesome eva peron. then, the evening i spent hanging around home with the boy, watching football or poker or whatever was on, and doing a lot of nothing.

today, i slept in. i did not leave bed until almost noon. i watched a little bad tv (jeopardy, love connection...i guess it wasn't THAT bad), and then went to school. i intended to be productive when i got to school, but i haven't been, so far. i got to school, and decided to drop into mallinckrodt (the student union, where the shuttle dropped me off) to post the macalester results to perjuries.

in there, i saw a sign for some upcoming auditions for a campus performance of the vagina monologues. i'm going to go ahead and try audition is wednesday evening at 7:35. i say it's worth a shot...i haven't acted in way too long, and i really, really, really need some sort of non-law-school-related involvement. if i make this play, that will be a really nice change of pace...and i'll get to perform. i love performing.

now, i'm finally at the law school. i've printed out some cases for my open memo, but i'm not going to go through that stuff until tomorrow. tomorrow, i only have 1 class, from 9-10 in the morning, and then nothing else to do on campus but homework. since i'm staying until chris gets out of class at 7:30, that should leave me lots of time to do lots of reading, work, and other assorted productive things.

well, guess i should go and actually read my torts. the sooner i get that done, the sooner i can go be really unproductive again...that, or start working on my audition monologue. i haven't decided yet if i'm going to use one of the three in the audition packet, or do my own. they said you cand do one of your own, if you want...and i have a great idea for one.

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