Saturday, November 19, 2005

so, today's my birthday. one year older, twenty-three, blah blah blah.

i was walking around today, and i came to a strange realisation. when it comes to day-to-day, mundane stuff, i'm absolutely moronic. i can't manage my time, i can't keep a dollar in my pocket to save my life, and i'm a lazy, lazy bum.

but, when it comes to the big decisions in life, i suck a lot less...i look back, and i can't say i majorly dropped the ball on any of them. i picked the right college. i picked the right law school. i haven't stayed in relationships that i had no business staying in. i've surrounded myself with awesome friends.

i have a lot to feel good about.

in...less weighty matters, i had a nice day today. i went out with hilary for lunch at the macaroni grill, and then we cruised around the mall. that was a lot of fun; i hadn't done mall-cruising in a long time. it was a blast...and i bought two things, both of which were on sale. hilary and i got Awesome Matching Goth Skirts. they're short, they're lacy, and they're black and purple. i also got genus 6 of trivial pursuit...because trivial pursuit rules, and trivial pursuit for 50% off rules even more.

this evening i went to the bi alliance social out on the loop. we hung around and chatted at st. louis bread co. for a was nice; i hadn't been able to make it out for any of their social events yet, so i met lots of new people. most of the people there then were going to the tivoli for a movie, so i decided to go as well. we saw transamerica, a movie about an mtf transgender person who found out right before her gender reassignment surgery that she had a son. it was a really fascinating movie, and there was a question/answer session with the director afterward. after the movie...i was tired, so i went home. everyone else stayed for a second movie, but i have a hard enough time sitting through one movie, much less two, even if they're good.

now, i'm home, and i'm being lazy. i'm watching millionaire. i watch so much millionaire.

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