Thursday, November 24, 2005

score: KU 1, Kansas Board of Education 0. (or, the university of kansas is going to be teaching a class on intelligent design as a modern american mythology.)

i actually heard about this a couple days ago, and neglected to blog about it. really, i think it's great. i'm really interested in what the reading list will be for the course, and i think it's definitely a public service to go on the academic record drawing a bright line between religion and science. there's a large choir who understands where the line goes, the line between faith and things that are reproducible and explainable by the scientific method, but there are too many people who do not--especially in a state that just approved intelligent design in the science curriculum.

although, i know there's going to be one bad apple in the class who tries to contradict everything the professor tries to say, who's going to try and push intelligent design as real science. i can only hope that the professor is blunt and snarky enough to go toe-to-toe with the bad apple and shoot him down.

am i saying it's an inherently bad thing to believe in intelligent design? no...i'm saying it just doesn't belong in science classrooms. personally...i believe in evolution, and i am convinced it is good science. but, do i think that God had a hand in starting it, or that there is some sort of supernatural reason that things are able to happen the way they are? i sure haven't ruled it out, and i think there's some credence to that. i believe God has an eye on things. but, do i think that that's an appropriate thing to teach in a science class? absolutely not. that's a stick in the bundle of personal faith. i can't prove it. i can't experimentally test it. i can't draw any sort of bona fide link between the facts and theories that scientists can see and test and explain and the constructions of my faith. there is a bright line...i don't think it's inconsistent for a person to believe in both, but there's a line between what should be taught in science class and what should stay in the realm of spirituality. kansas public schools have crossed the line.

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