Monday, November 28, 2005

it's been so long since i've posted that it's going to be one of those entries that hops around all over the place.

--the weekend in kansas was fun. i didn't study one iota, i slept in every morning, and i watched a ton of football. i even went to a football game...saturday morning, chris and i went to the kansas-iowa state game. the first half of it really sucked, the jayhawks were getting killed, but then, somehow, kansas pulled the game to a tie. it went into overtime, the cyclones biffed their field goal, and kansas kicked one to win. it was so much fun...everyone was so excited, and after the game they tore down the goalposts and threw them into the pond behind the stadium. having gone to a division III college, it was definitely a different experience for me...and it was a lot of fun.

--saturday night i played poker. there were some utter morons at my table. there was one woman who took the cake. she was sitting next to chris, and apparently chris had to take ten minutes to explain to this idiot that, in fact, a straight is a legit poker hand--it did not have to be a straight flush. she had been folding her straights all night. furthermore, she was raising and re-raising me on a K Q J 7 K board with J 7. needless to say, i won a huge pot off of her, because i wasn't stupid enough to be in there with a counterfeit two pair--i had K Q for the boat. the first hour and a half or two hours went really well...other than that hand, my cards weren't really all that great, but i was doing a good job knowing when to bet to steal pots with absolutely nothing. the last while i was at the table, though, i wasn't really hitting anything, so i ended up a few dollars down. that was a bummer, since the beginning went so well, but no matter...i was really only down the effect of rake and dealer tips.

--now i'm back in st. louis. finals start next week. i have so much reading to do and so much studying. grumble. i'm going to be a wreck, and there will probably be lots of less-than-happy blog posts about finals over the next three weeks.

--i'm a bad person. i had one class today, and i ditched it. today my plan is to get lots of reading done, although i've been up for an hour and a half, and i haven't read anything. i've organized my friendslist and blog subscriptions on myspace, though...that's productive, right?

--finally, i love this dilbert strip today. people wonder why i'm amoral. as part of my answer, i should point them here, to the second and third panels. there are other reasons i have, which i detailed in an older entry on this blog...but inconsistency of the general concept is another good reason.

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