Friday, November 18, 2005

i'm a boring human being. i didn't do anything of note today, really...i went to my classes, went to happy hour (didn't get to do trivia, all the spots were full...), went to delmar loop, and went home.

i got hit on really sketchily on the loop. i was on the way back to WU from the loop to catch a shuttle home. some guy, probably ten or fifteen years older than me, walks up to me when i'm waiting at the light in fron of cicero's. he starts talking to me as if he's going to ask me for directions. that's fine. then, he's like..."you should come to dinner with me. i'm from out of the country. you're american, right? it would be a cultural experience."

that's creative. ::pukegagvomit::

negative bonus points for, when he asked me if i was from here and i replied, "no, i grew up in NC", that he went off about Billy Graham.

really, i think that's the strangest attempt at flirtation that anyone's made with me since mister Cheese Is How You Get Laid In The Real World, back in September of 2003.

otherwise...more memerifficness before i finally curl up and pass out.

1)Where did you graduate from and what year?
millbrook high, raleigh, nc, 2000

2)Did you have school pride?
i was a special case...i hated it there, but i had nothing else to do, so i was the mascot and was on the school spirit committee. school pride was less something i felt and more something i did.

3)Was your Prom a night to remember?
it was a night to remember, if by "remember" you mean "it sucked."

4)What was your fav. song you danced to the night of PROM?
ask me if i remember any of the songs they played at prom.

5)Do you own all 4 Yearbooks ?
of course...

6)Do you remember the First CD you ever bought?
"fairweather johnson" by hootie and the blowfish. (yeah, i suck that much.)

7)What was your fav. movie in high school?
schindler's list

8)What was your number one choice college?
i didn't have a bloody idea until i was a senior in high school...then i was torn between chicago and mit, agonized over it for months after getting in both places, and finally, thankfully, picked chicago.

9)What radio station did you jam out to in high school?
96 rock.

10)Were you involved in any organizations or clubs?
chorus, octet (my senior year), drama (costume crew), student government (class council my freshman year, executive board the other three years)

11)What was your fav class in high school?
chorus and physics. (yes, i know, totally unrelated...but they were both so much fun!)

12)Who was your big crush in high school?
wouldn't you like to know. :)

13)Would you say you have changed a lot since high school?
in a lot of ways i'm the same person...but i'm a lot more confident about myself, and i'm a lot more open about the fact that i'm nuttier than a fruitcake.

14) What do you miss the most about it?
i really don't miss jack about high school.

15)Your worst memory of HS?
really, almost everything. but, if i had to pick one particular memory...hands-down, senior prom. All Sorts Of Depressing. i'll spare the details, since anyone who is reading this has probably heard me bitch about all the gory details of why it was so horrible.

16)Did you have a car?
last semester, i had a 1985 chevy celebrity

17)What were your school colors ?
blue and white

18)Who was your fav. teacher?
either mrs. marley or mr. prim

19)Did you own a cell phone in highschool?
no freaking way. i didn't get one until summer before my last year of college.

20)Did you leave campus for lunch?
i had a pass both junior and senior year, but i think between the two years i left campus a whole three times

21)If so, where was your fav. place to go eat?
ummm...the cafeteria, where i ate the sack lunches i brought from home?

22)Were you always late to class?
never, unless i was caught up at my locker which was invariably all the way back at the auto shop

23) you ever have to stay for Sat. School? (or detention)

24)Did you ever Ditch?
never...i didn't get into ditching until i started college.

25) When it comes time for the reunion will you be there?
i have a huge sense of car crash fascination about many things. my high school reunion is one of them. of course i will go. it's the only reason i'll be caught dead in north carolina ever again.

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