Thursday, November 17, 2005

i heart snarky advice, and Amy Dickinson's column today provided me with some amusement in the form of snarky advice.

a woman wrote in, discussing how her boyfriend is repeatedly cheating on her. she asks Amy:

" He vowed to be faithful if I would give him one more chance, so I let him come back.
Well, it's been six months and I believe that he is up to his old tricks. I see the signs and I have a strong instinct that he is cheating again.
Should I pray that he will keep his word or should I go ahead and kick him permanently to the curb before he breaks my heart again?"

Amy replies:

"I vote for praying.
And because this is a full-service advice column, I'll even supply the prayer.
"Lord, give me the strength to kick Steve permanently to the curb and give me the will to resist him now and forevermore."
Amen, sister."

that amused me. a lot.

not to mention, it's dead correct advice.

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