Sunday, November 13, 2005

i had the best intentions last night. i was going to get up, be at school by ten, and then work all day. that definitely did not happen. i woke up early enough, and then i decided that it was too early for me to get going. so, i turned off the alarm, rolled over, and went back to bed.

bad move. i had this really long, involved dream about getting kidnapped and being forced to colour within the lines, and i finally woke up when i was still locked in the castle, hiding in the restroom, waiting for my kidnapper to disappear so i could call for help (i still had my phone, for some reason.) my eyes opened, i looked at the clock...and it was almost 12:30. oops.

let's just say...thank goodness that my memo draft is not due until wednesday. thank goodness the only thing i have to do tomorrow is go to torts class, and i have the rest of the day to work.

last night i was productive, but in a very non-school-like kind of way. i went through more of my cds and ripped them to my itunes. i'm now over a thousand songs on my computer. this makes me happy. i dug up some random songs, samplers, mix cds that i had forgotten i had, or at least feared i had lost along the way. i still don't have all my music on my computer yet, but i've got a lot of it now. the only hitch in the operation was...apparently my copy of "i've suffered a head injury" by the verve pipe got scratched up so that the first and last songs will not rip. the rest of them are good...but really, it's a major loss not to have "ark of the envious" or "martyr material" on my computer. that needs to be fixed, somehow. those are some good songs.

the thing i was most excited about finding was my old mix cd from the summer after my first year of college. it had a bunch of random stuff that i had downloaded that some guy on my hallway who had a cd burner burned for me. i had some really random stuff on there..."for the movies" by buckcherry, "flagpole sitta" by harvey danger, "stay awake" by dishwalla...and it also had "alone" by angie aparo, a song he had posted for download online but never put on an album. i thought i had lost the ability to listen to that one forever.

speaking of itunes, i am way too fascinated by the play count feature. i love looking at the "most played songs" screen and seeing what songs are in my top 25. sometimes i look at it and go, "i've listened to that song that much? wow. anyway, for no good reason, these are my top 25 most played songs over the last several months...since late august, when i got this computer.

1. "first day of my life" by the rasmus
2. "can't talk to you" by krim
3. "when the lights go out" by lazyeye
4. "paper wings" by rise against
5. "garden" by 39 reasons
6. "get over" by the marvelous 3
7. "give it all" by rise against
8. "analogue" by spirit creek
9. "control" by threequartersmile
10. "what you gave here wasn't fear" by grundig
11. "gold dust vs. state of illinois" by spitalfield
12. "answer" by star crash speedway
13. "it's over" by ditchwater
14. "mr. walker" by gemie
15. "confessional" by second coming
16. "the nurse with amnesia" by shades of fiction
17. "send in the clowns" by cold
18. "complicated questions" by finger eleven
19. "radio tokyo" by the marvelous 3
20. "funeral song" by the rasmus
21. "thicker" by the blank theory
22. "last call" by eve to adam
23. "killer inside" by krim
24. "cling and clatter" by lifehouse
25. "in the shadows" by the rasmus

i'm curious...any of you guys out there with itunes, what's your top 25?

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