Tuesday, November 22, 2005

i found this book online, and it profoundly disturbs me.

children's books that clonk you over the head with any particular value system really disturb me. i'm not a fan of indoctrination at an early age. sure, there are certain values that really aren't bothersome, things like hard work and honesty and tolerance of different viewpoints...i'm not railing against children's books that touch on traits that generally help them grow up to be good people. i'm talking about children's books that indoctrinate the child in a certain overarching value system to the exclusion or mockery of others. i'm talking about stuff saying that a certain religion or political system is the best way to go, and all of the others lead the world to hell in a handbasket. it bothers me enough that adults believe in such narrow worldviews, and it offends me when such adults have kids and raise them to have the same tunnel vision.

i'm not surprised that such offensive content is being peddled by worldnetdaily, but i'm offended that such content as this book is being peddled at all. "help! mom! there are liberals under my bed!"? sure, that's useful in trying to raise a conservative child, but it's helpful in raising a conservative child along the lines of another ann coulter...full of rhetoric and hatred, and devoid of any substance other than the repeated assertion that liberals are analogous to monsters.

how would worldnetdaily react if an extremely slanted liberal "news" site sold "help! mom! there are conservatives in my closet!"? i know what they would do. they'd write some article complaining about the liberal media bias and the breakdown of america's moral fabric.


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