Friday, November 11, 2005

i don't have one unitary post this morning, but rather a bunch of little observations, episodes, and aphorisms i've picked up over the last twenty-four hours or so.

1. last night was all sorts of mock trial nerdity. practice started around six...or, i guess, the trial team met at six and the trial didn't start until 6:45 or seven. no one else came as a witness but the team members practiced their witnesses on direct (the way it works is there are two attorneys per side, who play the witnesses on the other side), but to throw people curves, the judge made me do every single witness on cross. that was fun. it was especially fun throwing the boy some curves...he crosses the expert, and i came up with lots of interpretations and inventions. on some of them he could tie me down to his original point, but on some of them he just had to move on. it was amusing playing four different characters in a night, and getting crossed again. anyway...the trial went on until 11:30, since there were some commments and edits at points during the trial. then, the judge gave comments until 1:30 am. i wouldn't have put it past him to run practice until 11:30 or midnight, but i don't think i'd have given him credit for running one until 1:30 until i saw it with my own two eyes. still, the trial team found the comments helpful, i found them interesting to listen to, so it was worth being at school that late.

2. skeeves suck. asshats suck. skeevy asshats really suck.

3. mock trial regionals are out. the thing they're doing in greenville, with two concurrent regionals with different and balanced fields, is pure genius. they should adopt that elsewhere, or at least the idea of balancing regions in a locality as best as they can. they should do this in the midwest, since it's...a bit out of whack. you've got the south bend regional, which really only has one team: notre dame. you've got milwaukee, which is a pretty top heavy regional, but it's going to be a bear getting a gold bid out of there with chicago, uw-madison, northwestern, and marquette all fighting it out at the top. the imbalance between south bend and milwaukee is rather confusing; it makes no sense that they didn't ship the UC or NW squads over there.

and two less-than-overpowering regionals in pennsylvania? that's odd. there's gettysburg, pennsylvania...where it looks as though we should hand lots of shiny things to UVa, stat. (although, to be fair, shipping UVa makes baltimore a smidge less of a bloodbath than DC was last year...because DC was a bloodbath last year.) and then, there's indiana, pennsylvania...where it looks like michigan and penn state get to divide up the spoils.

then, there are just some geographic oddities. iowa to joliet? weber state to miami, ohio? slu to columbia, but cmsu to st. louis? has anyone looked at these things called "maps"? sometimes they are useful.

4. i was a bad person. i ditched legal writing today. i thought it was the least i could do for being up for trial so was nice to get the extra hour of sleep. besides, i have a late class today...i have property from 3pm-5pm. this is annoying, as happy hour starts at 4. i like happy hour lots more than property class.

5. Cheez Us walked on water. Actually, it was the sidewalk...but damn, that was some good crack! (smoking crack makes everything funnier.)

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