Sunday, October 09, 2005

well, yesterday was the second day of judging the SLU tournament. after almost losing my faith in mock trial on friday night, yesterday was a reminder of why i had faith in the first place. the fourth round was of about the same quality as the first round, it was good for this point in the season...and the third round was even better. most of third round i would have been happy with in january. the one exception was the crosses, the majority of the cross exams were lacking...but the rest of the performances were extremely solid, and the closing arguments were both excellent. they were clear, they were well-organized, they were interesting to listen to...they were definitely some of the best closings i've seen in any of the rounds that i have judged. i should go to washburn and give 952's defense closer a cookie, and go to umkc and give 520's prosecution closer a cookie. it's the least i could do...well, in addition to giving them both well-deserved 9's.

today, it's back to work. i was feeling tired and sick last night, probably because i'm still not over that cold and because i was up at 6:45 yesterday morning. i woke up feeling pretty bad, but i'm feeling better right now. i have my memo done...i just have to read over it one more time to make super double sure that there aren't any glaring grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, incomplete sentences, or the like. i already edited it earlier today and made order out of the chaos that was some of the paragraphs of the memo, i think it's as clearly argued as i'm going to get it. after i get that printed out and turned in, i have to get some reading done for my classes, since i have torts, contracts, and property to deal with tomorrow. i have a long day of classes...but at least legal research is cancelled, and i don't have meetings eating up all of my time between classes like i had on thursday.

hopefully this week should not be as long as last week was.

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