Saturday, October 01, 2005

well, my negotiation in the contest is over, it just ended. it went about as well as it could have, given that i had no idea what i was doing, but i still don't understand the concept of having a negotiation competition. it was really weird, it felt like they had a lot of control over the entire thing because one of their guys talked a lot, but the judges didn't seen to hate us for that. besides, we would have looked like total jerks to get adversarial unless there was something they were recommending that was completely out of line. that happened once or twice, and roxie or i would have to refocus it, but crazily enough we found a good common interest between parents against drunk driving and drunky mcdrunkard (the football player we were representing...he had a real name, but i prefer drunky mcdrunkard.)

and, one of the judges loved the fact that i used the fact that our client was probably going to have his charges dropped, and conveniently did not mention that it was because the breathalyzer didn't work, and he was getting off on a technicality. i win. :)

anyway, i find out if we make the finals or not later today. somehow i doubt it, but i guess i can keep my fingers crossed.

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