Thursday, October 13, 2005

we were assigned to peer-edit someone else's memo. after editing the memo i received, i know why we're spending the next couple of weeks on grammar and stylistic stuff.

i don't know whose memo it is. i know it was missing periods at the ends of sentences. i know it was missing necessary commas. i know it had spelling errors. i know it had usage errors.

i think the writer was up until 4am writing this, and around 2am completely forgot everything they learned about writing a memo. after the first few paragraphs, it didn't lay out analogous cases clearly before comparing facts within to facts of the case at hand. it didn't discuss the merits of opposing arguments before haphazardly trying to rip them to shreds. it started throwing lists of facts of the problem, without really tying them in to any analogous facts or rationale. i know the writer knows how to do this, because the first few pages were clearly organized...but it imploded, and it was a terror to read.

i'm glad i don't know who wrote that paper, and i'm glad whoever wrote that paper has no idea that i looked at theirs. it was a disaster, and now i'm fuming.

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