Saturday, October 01, 2005

two weirdnesses.

first of all, i'm watching love connection. chuck woolery is the host. i swear, he looks EXACTLY the same now, hosting new episodes of Lingo, as he did in the eighties hosting love connection. it's scary. he's like dick clark or something.

and, secondly, i forgot to tell an amazingly amusing metrolink story from last night. so, on the way out of the club, there was this random guy just handing out wrapped-up roses to people who walked past him. i took it, didn't know what i was going to do with that one stupid little probably-fake flower...i hate flowers. anyway, i'm drunk, i'm laughing... i get to the metro station. there was this guy there, i don't remember if he was a law student or not, but the conversation went something like this:

Random Guy: "hey...i saw you in the club...can i have your number?"
me: "no."
RG: "can i have your number?" ::tries to inch closer and continues to hit on me::
me: "no. i'm taken. you can't have my number."
RG: "please???"
me: "you can't have my number. you can have this..." ::shoves plastic-wrapped flower in guy's hand and starts to walk away::
RG: "does that mean i can have your number?"
me: "no. you can't have my number." ::walks away to another part of the platform::

that amused me. i love yanking the chains of pathetic fools who try to hit on me. :)

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