Monday, October 24, 2005

this past weekend was fall break. i took that opportunity to go to chicago. it was really fun to be back. it involved lots of time on a bus, but it was well worth it.

thursday, i took the bus down. i overslept, and was afraid i wasn't going to be able to make it on time...i set my alarm for 6:45 because i had not yet packed, and i'm still a little paranoid about transit here. but, i slept right through my alarm, and didn't move a muscle until 7:45. (i'm surprised i got up even then, given how much i drank on wednesday night.) i packed in a frenzy and went out to the bus stop. the bus came too late for me to catch the next bus i was going to take to the bus station, so i decided to risk it and leg it to the station. i walked through some pretty bad areas, but it was broad daylight...and i still got to the station by 9:20. the bus ride was uneventful. when i got into town, i met up with phil, we grabbed some dinner, and then went to mock. it was so awesome being back at mock trial. i got to see all the mockers...and i got to help out in a couple of teams' practices. it was a really short time to be there, and it felt a little weird because i had not been around the team all season, but it still felt so great to be back. at 8, there was a poker game, so i went to play... i busted out of the tournament, but i made a nice bit of money playing cash, so that was awesome. my cards were holding up like a dream, ad i turned $20 into almost $80 before i got so tired i had to go to bed.

friday, people had school and work to do most of that day. i went to giordano's with phil for lunch, because i couldn't go back to chicago without eating chicago style pizza. i took the afternoon to go up to belmont and go shopping for a halloween costume. thrift stores rock. that evening i went to the med with kevin, phil, lisa, abby, jess, and mel, and then kevin, phil, lisa, mel, and i went over to the pub for some beer and monopoly.

saturday was Happy Geeky Game Day. phil, lisa, and i went up to justin and josh's place up in wrigleyville, and kevin came by later. we played a new game, princes of florence...i think i'd like it more if i knew what i was doing. they had all played it once or twice before--i had never seen it. then, we played history of the world...and i came from behind and won, since i got amazingly lucky to go last with a powerful empire in the second to last turn, and basically score it all again the last turn even though my empire sucked, because i was the first to go that turn. after the games, we went to too much light makes the baby go blind. i wish they had that here...i love that show.

sunday, i was on the bus all day. the bus ride was rather uneventful...and i was so glad to be off the bus when i got home. it wasn't a direct was local from chicago to springfield, and then i transferred to another bus to get me the last bit to st. louis. the stop in decatur amused was this sleazy, run-down motel with a sign that was so 1950s that it wasn't even funny.

being back in chicago was a really good feeling. it was great to be back in the city, and it was great to see my friends. i love the city of chicago so much. i like it better than st. louis, no doubt about it. but, never once did i have a sincere thought of "why did i move? why did i leave?" even coming back, i know why i left chicago, and i know it was the right decision for me to make. i'd love to come back and see people as often as possible (new year's!), but i have chris here, and i have law school here, and it's a blast to meet so many new people and explore a new place.

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