Saturday, October 01, 2005

this morning's the negotiation competition. wish me luck.

i'm just feeling really good that i dodged a major bullet, in that i feel good this morning: read, not hung over. last night one of the 1L's had won a party down at club buca, this place down on the landing. so, after happy hour, and then some hashing out of the negotiation problem over dinner, we went down there. granted, we did turn in early, but still...So Much Free Beer. we got down there around 8:30, and there was free beer until 10... we were some of the first 1Ls there, but finally around quarter to nine, it started to fill up with people we knew, and other random 1Ls that we met. it was lots of people from our section, given that the guy who was hosting is in my section.

then, maybe around 10:30 or so, they did this thing called Three Minute Bartender...where all of the parties that were there cheered for their leader, and the three loudest parties' leaders got to dispense as many beers and shots as they could in three minutes, and give them out to people. of course, since a large segment of the 1L class was there (including many of the people who are negotiating today, lol), we were one of the parties that got Three Minute Bartender. i did something at that point that i had never done before: Triple Fisting. i did not actually drink all of those free beers, but i felt nice and silly at least holding it for a while.

we left pretty early, so we could catch the last metrolink back in. that was a story in itself...the one that came by was only going to union station, but there was one last train about ten minutes later that went all the way. roxie and i met these two random women on the train, coming back from the cards game (and, apparently, from a night of drinking after the game...), they started telling random roller hockey stories, and about how they're so glad they divorced their husbands, and about how one of them is going to be a grandmother at the age of 39. they just told random stories, it was the most amusing thing.

anyway, that was my night last night. now it's time to make some breakfast, take a shower, and get ready to...ummm...negotiate stuff.

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