Monday, October 31, 2005

i've been delinquent in blogginating the countryside these last couple days...thanks to a handy dandy thing we call the research log. at least, that's why i was not blogging yesterday. i swore i was going to work on saturday...but i walked to school, got nothing done, and ended up going home and sleeping all afternoon/evening. i like sleeping.

i am so glad that thing is done. it's twenty pages of "i looked at this book, here's why i looked at this book, and here's what i found in this book! yay!" it's drivel, and i don't know of another law school that forces students to do a log like this in such excruciating detail. at least it's done. i can't guarantee how good my grade on it will be, but at least it's out of my hands.

today sucks. today sucks because my "trial" on my microsoft word has run out, so i can't edit any of my old word files or make any new ones. i am stuck using works until i get a copy of word. this will probably be a while, because word is expensive. word is very expensive. works sucks a lot, but it's also not going to suck at my bank account.

the weekend until sunday was actually very good. friday night was the halloween party. it was really awesome...before the party was happy hour, and everyone showed up there in their halloween costumes. i showed up in my shiny dominatrix cop outfit...which was completely awesome, all the "wtf, i can't believe you did that!" reactions i got for it. that was exactly what i was going for. :)

there were some really awesome costumes that people had. the costume i thought was the most hilarious...some guy, i don't even know who it was, dressed as matthew lesko, that guy who advertises all those "free money" books on tv. i saw him in the courtyard, and i think i started squeaking. i'm sure he thought i was on crack, but he was impressed that i knew he was matthew lesko...and didn't mistake him for the riddler.

the party itself was fun, although rather crowded... we went there on school buses which amused me a lot. man, school bus rides would have been a lot more fun back in the day if i could have a tall, cold beer with me on the bus like i did on friday night. :) it would have made high school so much more tolerable. i wasn't at the party very long, i know we left before 11pm and just metrolinked it back to delmar...

anyway...i don't have any particularly scandalous stories from the party. i didn't cause any trouble, i didn't go home with any strange people (well, the guy i went home with is a weird one, but we knew that already, and that's why i love him!), and the strangest thing that happened were lots of dominatrix jokes, and a few requests for domination that i denied in a rather evil-tease manner... i really need to find more excuses to go out dressed like that. ::halo::

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