Wednesday, October 05, 2005

i'm getting sick...i don't feel like doing work today, but i have to. i have to get my Large Amounts of Reading done for all my classes for tomorrow, and i have to get my memo draft done for friday. i don't want to do it today, but tomorrow i will be sicker, so i may as well force myself to finish stuff today, no matter how much my throat hurts, no matter how much i'm on the verge of crying. i'm so frustrated today that this is a true life exchange between me and professor koby, my legal writing professor. this happened before class, when only about half the class was present when the class was supposed to start:

professor koby: "so, where is everyone?"
me: "probably in the bathroom, shooting themselves in the head because of everything we have to do this week."

yeah, i said that. to a prof.

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