Saturday, October 08, 2005

i should be in bed right now because i have to be at the bus stop by 7:30 tomorrow morning to get to SLU on time...second days of mock trial tournaments always start so early, even when the first day ends late. (second round all-loss was 10pm...we left a little bit after that.)

it is so weird, though, going back to my own home after judging a day of mock. i haven't gone home during a tournament since northwestern my second year, back in the day when it was still held at the daley center.

the first two rounds of the tournament were today. it was fun...i got to judge both rounds with the boy. :) i like judging with him. it's fun, and if the round is driving us crazy, we can complain to each other and know exactly what we mean. conversely, if something is fun, we've both seen it, and can comment on it and remember it. it's happy.

the first round we judged was an example of eminently solid mock trial for this early in the season. there were things that both teams could improve on, of course, but overall, it was a good trial, and they're both well on their way to a solid season. people were generally not on notes, there was lots of confidence in the roles, and it was just a well-executed trial for the first weekend in october.

the second round, however, made me want to cry. there was one funny part, the frankie gustavo who moonwalked his way to the stand, and winked at me both when he took the stand and when he left...i laughed hysterically, but it was so inappropriate for court. the rest of it, though, was no laughing matter. there were so many attorney performances that were on notes. a witness yelled at a crossing attorney. i watched an expert direct with no content whatsoever take place. i was so encouraged after that first round...and then the second round just took it all out of me. it was just one of those rounds that made me sad. i haven't had a round that drove me so crazy since ISU last year. they've got lots of time to improve, which i hope they take advantage of...but they've got a long way to go.'s pushing twelve thirty. i need to go to bed, since i have to get up in six hours to get to the tournament tomorrow. wish me luck...i can't realistically require things to be better than first round, but please keep your fingers crossed i won't get winked at by a rogue liquor store owner tomorrow. non-mock story... we were waiting on lindell, across from SLU law, for the bus to come. it was coming down the street, so i was waving it down. a car from the other lane pulls over RIGHT next to us, i guess he was thinking i was waving at him or something?!?! didn't he see there was a HUGE FREAKING METROBUS right behind him?? anyway, that was the skeeviest thing i've seen in a while. i don't know why he was pulling over.

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