Thursday, October 13, 2005

i have no class today...usually i have three on thursdays, but all of my profs cancelled. i was asleep by 11 or so last night, and i didn't get out of bed until about 10:30 this morning. all in all, a wonderful beginning to a day. i have to get to the land records office to do a title search on my apartment (ughhhh...boring!), so i need to be wearing something other than my bathrobe soon, but oh well...

i've been watching reruns of love connection on game show network. that show amuses me so much. a particularly priceless episode was just on. there were two dates, and both of them were more amusing than anything that could be on blind date or any of those other newfangled dating shows. one of them, the two people on the date were talking about handcuffs at the movies and whipped cream backrubs...and it was so amusing to hear them try and keep their date rated PG for 1980's TV.

the second date was a train wreck. they just didn't connect at all...and at the end of the description, the guy was like "variety is the spice of life. i think you need to see other men." they were just being so snarky to each other. i think he should have kicked him...she was a total Entitlement Bitch, expecting the guy to do absolutely everything for her, expecting any guy she dates to routinely clean her house, and expecting this guy to BUY HER CLOTHES on the first date.. she was a jerk.

ah, i love being lazy and watching bad tv. i did this so much last year...but now i do it so infrequently that it's such a treat, the rare afternoons i get to sit on my duff without my nose in a book.

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