Tuesday, October 18, 2005

alright...i already have this midterm to worry about, and then now i just got called on for a case in torts. we only had a couple minutes to spend on the case today, but we're going to get into it tomorrow...so now, i not only have to be ready for my contracts midterm tomorrow, but i also have to read and reread and reread and know tarasoff like the back of my hand. any other time of the semester, i wouldn't care that my number was up...but i just don't need this today. i'm shaking in exasperation.

although, i did have a premonition this was going to happen. i had a premonition this morning that torts was going to do this to me right before my contracts midterm...and i knew, just as the professor was concluding discussing tubbs and about to move to tarasoff, that he was going to grumble...ms. persecuted crack smoker...

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