Tuesday, October 11, 2005

alright...there's a meme going around, and i finally caved in to do it. you go to google, type in "[your first name] needs", and post the most amusing things that pop up. (i'm just doing all of them because i got so few hits. according to google...

--Nicolle needs someone to pose as her lover (yes, this is the first result i got.)
--Nicolle needs it more (the antecedent for "it" is a nap...so true.)
--Nicolle needs help setting up (setting what up? unclear.)
--Nicolle needs your $10/$15 by Wednesday to guarantee you a spot on a team.
--Nicolle needs to call megan so we can go see charlie and the chocolate factory on friday! (apparently i'm some squeaky teenager on myspace.)
--nicolle needs to appologize for being annoying to the boards (surprisingly enough, i didn't find this on perjuries!)
--Nicolle needs Your healing touch! (wheeeee!)
--nicolle needs to get a new game for next month

and, my favourite one of all:

nicolle needs to get the fuck outta my life.

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