Thursday, September 01, 2005

well, i ran for SBA rep this week. i didn't get was a little disappointing, but i'm not crushed or anything. although, given what i found out an hour or so after i found out i wasn't elected, i'm almost glad i wasn't. i was talking to the professor in charge of the mock trial team, and our conversation meandered over to the subject of ATLA (american trial lawyers' association.) apparently, everyone who ran it last year has graduated, there's basically no chapter at WU anymore. (that explains my complete inability to find their table at the activities fair two weeks ago.) there should be some people (whoever they may be...) on the trial team joining the chapter, as there are every year...but since the trial team usually takes up so much time, and there's a couple week lag between now and when the trial team will actually be put together, there needs to be someone in charge of getting the chapter on its feet. looks like that person is going to be me. the professor is going to give my get me in touch with the person from ATLA who is responsible for disseminating information and getting law school chapters set up, and we'll see where it goes from there. hopefully by the time the trial team has been selected--at which time there will be a need for witnesses like me--i'll get this ATLA thing at least somewhat set up.

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