Monday, September 26, 2005

today was an interesting little day of classes.

torts was pretty uneventful...but the fun sure did start in legal research. i walk in, grab my handouts for the day, and pick up the assignment i had turned in last week. there was a comment on the first page about how well i did on the assignment, but i couldn't quite make out the last two words of it. finally, i figured out what they said: "curve breaker!" i didn't know whether to laugh or scream...i've heard of students calling each other curve breakers, but this is the first time i've ever seen a professor put such a comment on a paper. that was rather bizarre...but maybe that's what i get for taking a legal research course after working for three and a half years in a law library.

then, i was about to leave, and he mentioned an assignment for the next week. i'm flipping through something that vaguely looks like an assignment, but it was something he had started in class. the only page that didn't have answers on it was the last page. the conversation went a little like this:

me: "what's the assignment, this page?" ::shows last page to professor::
him: "yeah..." ::in a confused tone of voice::
me: "just this page, or the first two pages?"
him: "all of it..."
me: "but you were doing this in class...and there are all the answers. i'm confused."

he looks at the page--and realises, to his horror, that he had given me his answer key for the homework assignment. he starts frantically flipping through the extra copies of it on the cart, asking the students who were still in the room to check their papers and see if they had copies of the answers as well, or if it was just mine. no one else in there had answers, and none of the copies on the cart did, so it was probably just an anomaly, him misplacing his answer sheet and it landing in my stack. i exchanged the answer sheet for a copy without the answers on it...but i still thought it was rather funny that he handed out the answer sheet.

then...time for contracts. i had commented in legal research today that i hadn't yet been harassed by a professor as the primary person for a case yet, and that it's doomed to happen soon. i get to contracts, and he starts asking the student next to me about Duncan v. Black. when she couldn't answer questions...he started asking me them. pretty soon, he was interrogating me more than he was interrogating her. was less scary than i feared, especially since it was my toughest professor by far. actually, it wasn't scary at all...i knew enough of the answers so i didn't feel stupid, and i was having a boatload of fun parrying with him, answering his questions, and arguing.

anyone in sections B or C will kill me for saying this, but i kinda wish Greenfield called on me more often. that was fun.

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