Saturday, September 03, 2005

today is the laziest day ever. i woke up around 9:30, lied around, went back to my place, lied around some more, browsed the web, took a nap, watched some poker, and now i'm browsing the web some more. as soon as the kansas football game is over (the boy is listening to it on the internet, of course...), we're possibly going to venture off of westwood drive over to the pizza haus to get some food.

i love being's the laziest i've been since law school started two weeks ago. tomorrow i need to make myself do some work, because i have so much due tuesday. i have two cases for contracts, two cases for property, and...i don't know how many, but as always, a large amount of cases due for property. i also have a memo due tuesday for legal writing. i also realised that i need to spend lots of quality time with my law books this week, given that e-6 is coming to town on friday night. i know i have a research assignment due a week from monday, and i'm sure i'll have all sorts of reading due then too. i don't think i have a contracts makeup class that day, though, which will make life a little easier...and mean i'll be off of class at 11am that day. (all the better to go home and pass out, get that sleep i probably won't be getting over that weekend.)

anyway...i haven't posted the answers yet to my guess-the-song one. jess got no. 13, but no one else got any of the other ones...sad sad sad. :(

1. "we won't cry for yesterday or tomorrow...we will go on living for today"--"speed of light" by shades apart
2. "in the early morning cut her down...the pill she needs your love...forget your mother and your'll fall apart inside"--"graze" by live
3. "it doesn't matter what i can dream away"--"stereo world" by feeder
4. "my open eyes see everything...and you see nothing...and don't forget it"--"stay and drown" by finger eleven
5. "[title] [title] things have happened...goodness brings a chain reaction...liberate me from inaction"--"stranger" by lili haydn
6. "the more you give yourself away...the more it burns and breaks away"--"radiation" by feeder
7. "what flesh will do to'll do to me too"--"first time" by finger eleven
8. "true love behind a wall...where men and angels fall..."--"frozen" by celldweller
9. "whatever they called's just a name...just a name"--"turn my head" by live
10. "i always felt like there was something in deep below...what i thought was nothing but a dismal day...but the day got away"--"thicker" by the blank theory
11. "i'll always let you down...yeah but i don't'll never understand...i wasted all the time in the world in your eyes"--"father's eyes" by the blank theory
12. "i see the way your face has changed...we're no good for each other"--"london" by third eye blind
13. "if shame had a face i think it would kind of look like mine"--"sick cycle carousel" by lifehouse
14. "i am i am i am i am so scared...i am i am i am i am prepared...i don't even know you anymore..."--"answer" by star crash speedway (no, mrvoid and brokenbubble, it's NOT jessie spano from saved by the bell!!!)
15. "talked to the city that knows me by name and all the bad things that i do"--"every monday" by the marvelous 3
16. "getting hurt is no way to live"--"when you cry" by krim
17. "there's a lot i could say...there's a lot i could do...if i had it my way...but i don't and you do"--"lemonade" by the marvelous 3
18. "there's someone who understands you more than i do"--"god of wine" by third eye blind
19. "in struggle lies evolution"--"faithful one" by lili haydn
20. "world gone mad outside my window...try to buy a higher life...i don't need another thing...i will go on dreaming if you stay with me"--"chasing daydreams" by shades apart

i think i'm going to do the music meme again sometime in a while, a rather long while, once i've racked up more songs. i did that a few days ago when i had 200 songs or so on my computer...after my CD ripping binge on wednesday, and then a few songs i've downloaded over the last couple days (really, mainly some wesley willis stuff on alternative tentacles that i didn't have yet, and then an album full of random covers of wesley willis songs (loved like a milkshake!), i'm now up to 561 songs. still puny, but it's a start.

alright...we may actually be heading out to dinner soon.

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